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Specialised ski alignment

Take a look around on the slopes and you will see many skiers looking knock kneed. You will see them straining to find there inside edges and having difficulty generally. All these people would be benefit greatly by having their alignment corrected (an adjustment to the skis).
The specialised ski alignment is carried out by Peter Gordois, fully registered and trained Physiotherapist (with several years experience in ski alignment and working with top coaches and Ski racers). Achieving what would take hours of lessons in an instant.
All work is guaranteed and a full refund if you feel your skiing has not improved the next day.

?West Yorkshire Pysio offer Specialist Ski Alignment
The picture opposite (left), shows how the laser alignment deck allows us to see exactly how the legs and pelvis are responding to ski boots in the position of skiing. The laser lines (red) show where the force from above should be acting. This is not the case as indicated by the long yellow arrow. Here we can see that the forces transmitting through the right leg are falling to the inside.

Also the short yellow arrow shows the effect on the knee as the flattening of the boot is compensated for by the knee falling in and the lower leg rotating inwards, indicated by the rounded arrow. This will cause the ski to push down on the outside edge as the knee tries to relax soft tissue tension. With the knee as it is here the ski would be flat however a large percentage of efficiency and power would be lost to maintain the posture and compensate for the inefficient bio-mechanics.


?West Yorkshire Pysio offer Specialist Ski AlignmentThe second picture shows the legs in better alignment as the rockers on the laser deck roll outwards simulating a soft medium like snow. However his would have the effect of causing the out side edges to catch and difficulty finding the inside edge. In most cases this is more prevalent on one leg than the other. This results in most skiers having a noticeable difference between left and right turns. That is to say they can turn one-way better than the other.


?West Yorkshire Pysio offer Specialist Ski AlignmentIn the third picture the rockers have been removed and appropriate adjustments placed under the base of the boots. We can now see that both legs are in a very strong, balanced and bio-mechanically sound posture. The tissue stresses are in neutral and the feeling is one of solid and flat on the ground. A powerful stance.
When these cants are placed under the ski bindings this has the effect of pushing the skis flat whilst the body stands in a neutral posture. Therefore all subsequent movements are transmitted direct to the skis. No anatomical adjustment is needed to compensate for the boots or skiing position.

This in turn leads to less energy expenditure, increase in skiing ability, decrease in fatigue, increase in enjoyment, decrease in frustration and less stress and strain on the body due to improved bio-mechanics.


Specialist Ski AlignmentThe fourth picture shows a test you can try yourself. Here we see a skier standing on one leg on a flat solid surface with the appropriate canting.

The stance is solid and the forces indicated by the laser pass through the joints correctly. The skier finds it very easy with no twisting or straining.
Try this test with your ski boots on and if you feel unstable, twisted, compensation by shifting your weight excessively or the boot having a feeling of pulling your leg in or out or if you feel the knee twisting and falling inwards then this gives you some insight as to how much strain will be acting on your body when skiing. This also indicates that you would benefit greatly by having your alignment corrected.

If you want to know more about Specialised ski alignment then please call 01274 693591 or drop us a line.


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