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About Us

Expert Physio at West Yorkshire Physiotherapy Centre

The West Yorkshire Physiotherapy Centre was founded in 1998 by Janine Midgley who had a vision of a multidisciplinary “hands on” physiotherapy centre with a gymnasium, where any type of injury could be dealt with including rehabilitation.

Janine has represented Great Britain in both Athletics and Jet Skiing sets the same high standards in her work ethics. She is an advanced musculoskeletal and connective tissue practitioner and has completed a sports physiotherapy diploma, and a two year Maitland manipulation course.

Janine has worked as Sports physiotherapist to the Great Britain Athletics team for over 10 years and has also been involved with the English Institute of Sport for the able and disabled athletic teams. She has also done work for the British Swimming Team and British Gymnastic Team and worked for the Bradford Bulls and Halifax Blue Sox in Super League Rugby.

With all this experience and expertise behind her, Janine continues to maintain extremely high standards throughout all aspects of the Centre including staff training, running courses and liaising with other medical professionals to ensure the most appropriate up to date hands on treatment is provided for anyone attending our physio clinic.

What is Physiotherapy and could it help you?

Physiotherapy focuses on relieving pain, reducing joint and muscle stiffness and restoring function to enable a return to normal activity or sport.

Our physiotherapists assess your musculoskeletal system and diagnose your problem and then use a combination of hands on exercise to restore function or minimise dysfunction after disease or injury.

All our physiotherapists are chartered and members of the health professionals council (HPC). This guarantees that their qualification is properly recognised, they are governed by a professional code of conduct and they are covered by Professional liability insurance. You can make an appointment for physio treatment at the centre here.