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Physio treatment for the Head and Neck

Physio treatment for the head and neck

Physio treatment for the head and neck


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Hip Joint and Groin Injuries

Hip disorders can be difficult to diagnose as the lumbar spine can refer to this area. A thorough a musculoskeletal examination will determine the underlying cause of the hip pain. There are many factors which can lead to hip and groin pain:
• Pelvic misalignment causing altered loading of the hips
• Muscle imbalance leading to altered forces through the hip flexors, glutials and piriformis
• Articular surface damage caused by trauma
• Labrum tears usually caused by trauma
• Trochanteric bursitis usually caused by altered loading of the hip
• Acetabular dysplasia usually born with
• Osteophytes and Osteoarthritis usually as a result of a long standing problem caused by any of the above mentioned problems.

Symptoms of hip problems

• Vague ache around the hip, groin and radiating down the thigh
• Intermitting sharp pain in the hip/groin
• Difficulty weight baring after sitting
• Stiffness of the hip when walking
• Pain referred to the knee
• Pain in the Buttock and lumbar region on the same side
• Problems turning over in bed and sleeping on that side
• Tightness under the buttock especially when driving or sitting

Treatment for hip problems

• A full Musuloskeletal assessment and diagnosis is essential for successful treatment of hip disorders
• Most hips provided there is no major internal damage will respond well to appropriate soft tissue and joint mobilisation along with a muscle training programme. However in some cases referral on to an orthopaedic consultant maybe necessary for appropriate X-rays and scans to determine any more serious pathology as surgery maybe indicated.