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Name: Michael Westlake Age: 64 Occupation: Chartered Surveyor. Case History: I have run six miles every working day for many years during which time I have endured the usual crop of pulled muscles but nothing that stopped me running. In summer 20 I 0, my Achilles Tendon became painful and swollen to such an extent that running was very uncomfortable but I persevered in the hope that it would improve-it didn't. I consulted my doctor who referred me to a specialist who gave me a steroid injection which alleviated the swelling but did nothing to cure the problem and all I got from the NHS Physio was stretching exercises. Janine was recommended to me via England marathon champion, Anne Buckley, who should know a thing or two about sports injuries and after just one session I knew she was right. Now, after ten treatment sessions I am pain-free and back on the road. Job done!