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I am 85 years old and I have osteoporosis for which I take medication. I had no other serious medical problems.In January 2009, a pain started in my leg that eventually forced me to see a GP. I was given painkillers, increasingly in higher doses, as the pain worsened. I was not sleeping well and given drugs to help me to relax. By April, I was taking a cocktail of drugs that did not leave me pain free. After an x-ray, I was told that the pain was due to age related arthritis in my back. Before the pain started I was active and mobile. By April, I could only go for short walks to take the dog out. I had stopped going out with friends, and no longer acted as volunteer at a day centre where I had previously assisted. Not being able to see an end to the pain made me feel quite low, and the fact that I was no longer active caused other complications. My daughter persuaded me to visit the physiotherapy centre in Wyke, having phoned first to see if they could help. My first appointment with Janine was for a consultation and treatment Even after only one visit, the pain lessened considerably - I felt as though I had a new lease of life I stopped taking two of the drugs straight away, and a third drug, I am gradually taking smaller doses of. The exercises that Janine prescribed for me have helped considerably and I have been doing them regularly as I know that they work.I have resumed my social life and feel that life is really worth living again! Marion